FDA Call to Action: Submit Comments on FDA's Proposed Intended Use Regulation

DEADLINE for Comment is TUESDAY, November 24, 2015.

If you have quit or substantially reduced your smoking by using e-cigarettes, please take a moment to recall whether any information provided by a manufacturer or retailer helped you make the transition. If so, please let FDA know. Read more...

Breazy E-Liquid Subscription Service: Breazy Box Deluxe Review

An e-liquid review of 4 flavors from Breazy. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Breazy offers handpicked premium e-juice flavors sent to you every month at up to a 40% discount compared to retail prices. Their e-liquid subscription service offers two plans with over 100 established, popular brands and flavors to choose from. This Breazy Box Deluxe contained 4 flavors: Creme Brûlée by Jimmy The Juiceman, Caramel Cinnabun by Breazy Breakfast, Shurb by Jimmy The Juiceman and Dunks by Midnight Vapes.

Mister E-Liquid: Reverb Line Review

A review of the Reverb e-liquid line by Mister E-Liquid. Reverb e-liquid is mixed with only the finest USA sourced base ingredients: 100% USP Food Grade vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG); which are also 99.9% pure and 100% Kosher.

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NJOY: New Daily E-Cig

NJOY: Recharge Starter Kit Review

A review of the NJOY Recharge starter kit. The Recharge is ideal for current cigarette smokers to try out vaping without purchasing a big starter kit. This is a beginner kit, but NJOY also offers intermediate and advanced vaping products for all levels of vapers.
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